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Who we are

The aim of FVGAM is to improve road safety through education of drivers and riders, enhancing skills to an advanced level.

Forth Valley Group of Advanced Motorists (FVGAM) is a group affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the UK’s leading road safety charity. The IAM has over 50 years experience and 100,000 members, supporting the raising of driving and riding standards through on-road skill courses. There are over 200 local groups across the UK.

Forth Valley Group of Advanced Motorists (FVGAM) is a registered Scottish charity and has a growing membership encompassing an area in Forth Valley from Killin/Tyndrum > Balfron > Bathgate > Dollar. We offer driving and riding courses for all from a wide range of locations. FVGAM is run entirely by volunteers dedicated to promoting safer driving and riding.

It is possible to raise your driving/riding standard to a much higher level than that required of the ordinary driving/riding test. If you consider that becoming more skilful on the road is your aim, FVGAM can help you achieve this goal.

Read more about advanced driving and advanced riding courses, known as Skill for Life (SfL), and how to apply.


Having become an advanced driver/rider, as a member of your FVGAM and the IAM, you have gained a respected, recognised qualification, joining many others with advanced skills. The vast majority of people who take our courses say it makes them feel safe, more confident, more attentive, more observant and more decisive in their driving or riding.
Benefits are:

  • Cheaper insurance – through IAM’s own insurance scheme
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Increased driving/riding enjoyment knowing you drive/ride expertly
  • Regular Advanced Driving magazine
  • Membership of local group and IAM
  • Local group meetings on motoring related topic
  • Membership
    IAM membership is currently £32 per annum (£34.50 by cheque), the first twelve months membership is included in the price of our Skill for Life courses.

    The current membership fee for FVGAM is £9 per annum. Once you have passed your advanced test, you will automatically become a Forth Valley Group full member and a full member of the IAM. As a full member of FVGAM, you are eligible to vote at our Annual General Meeting, serve on our Committee and apply to become an Observer.

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