Bill McLean (2016)
More than 50 years ago when I first heard of the IAM [Institute of Adanced Motoring], I thought it seemed a good idea to take their course, but never got around to it. So when a meeting with the organisation was set up by the U3A, I thought I must not miss it.
Actually, the timing was also very suitable because, being in my 80s now, I was wondering if my driving was up to scratch – reaction, time highway code etc etc – and it seemed a good idea to have someone knowledgeable to check me out.
An excellent manual was sent when I joined, and I was appointed a very able and sympathetic ‘Observer’ who took me out on drives of about an hour each time and assessed me, letting me know where improvements were needed.
When he felt I was ready, he suggested I take the test to become a member – before the test one is an associate – and that was arranged. I was delighted that I passed, almost 63 years after passing my national driving test!
My only regret is that I did not do this years ago. I find that I am now driving better, safer and with increased confidence – even my wife appreciates the improvement!
I could not recommend the IAM course highly enough. It is fantastic value, and so very very worthwhile.

Bill McLean02



McGregor Drummond

McGregor Drummond (2014)
I would recommend IAM Skill for Life course to any motorbike rider. I am now riding in a way that makes me feel more visible and confident. The Observer ride outs and literature from the ‘How to be a Better Rider’ book were explained and put into practice. This experience has given me more pleasure from my riding and has increased my awareness helping me make good progress on my journeys. I embraced the explanations from my Observer, Bobby Anderson, who made this an enjoyable experience.






George Willis (2014)
When I initially decided to investigate the possibilities of the IAM course, I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing! When I phoned up, I was told that I could have a FREE DriveCheck, so – nothing ventured, nothing gained!

When I went for the drive, I was immediately put at my ease and, contrary to my expectations, I felt greatly reassured and immensely enjoyed the experience. I learned at lot – and it was “all for free”!

Because so many people in the IAM are volunteers I found, to my astonishment, that a course of some 8 sessions was only £139 – for one-to-one tuition with an advanced motorist – quite extraordinary! It wasn’t therefore a difficult decision to sign up for the ‘Skill for Life’ course! To my great delight – I passed!

I have no hesitation whatsoever in thoroughly recommending the ‘Skill for Life’ course to anyone who may be contemplating it – it is fantastic value for money!

George Willis




Lindsay Dick

Lindsay Dick (2014)
I had great fun doing my Skill for Life course. My Observer was extremely pleasant and put me at ease right from the start.

I managed to get rid of all my bad habits and now find myself doing all the things I was taught.

I enjoy my driving even more than before and I would recommend everybody to take the course.




Dave Jones and family (2012)
I found the whole course beneficial highlighting subjects I was aware of but now fully appreciated. This Skill for Life course improved all aspects of my driving. My observation skills improved and I’m now more aware and appreciative of other drivers. I was so impressed by the course that I encouraged my daughter and grandson to take the course too!

Dave Jones Family




David and Brenda Legge

David and Brenda Legge (2011)
It was a very close ‘near miss’ with a 7.5 tonne lorry that sent me in the direction of IAM. That and the fact that I was about to start back full-time working after a 3-year career-break; the thought of driving in rush hour traffic was giving me nightmares. On my first few drives with Angus, he must have wondered what he’d taken on. I had no problem with getting up to speed, but my observation and reactions were not good – hence the near-miss! He’s an excellent tutor and amazingly before long my family and friends began to notice the difference in my driving. I even started to enjoy driving, something that to be honest I never did – it had always been a means to an end. I passed my test second time around and haven’t looked back. I am very proud to be an IAM member; while I no longer talk my way through every drive, I do still put into practice the system I was taught and I wouldn’t hesitate to do a refresher if my old habits were slipping back. I recommend the IAM ‘Skill for Life’ course to everyone. It’s real driver training that every driver should do and I don’t understand why it’s not mandatory.

There was no way my husband (Dave) would let me have an IAM qualification without him having a go too. He’s always loved driving and saw himself as a bit of an expert on the road, but equally I wouldn’t allow him to do it until I had passed mine! There’s always a bit of banter about my driving ‘skills’ versus his, as I’m sure it is in most households, but typically he surpassed me and got himself an IAM F1RST! We both go to the group meetings when we can as they are always informative and fun and there is always something new to think about.

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